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Whats The Number – какъв беше телефонния номер ???


Винаги сте се чуди ли какъв е телефона на дадена институция , хотел ,болница, ресторант и много други. С това приложение лесно и бързо може да се сдобиете с такъв телефонен номер и адрес.Търсенето може освен ръчно да бъде и гласово на БЪЛГАРСКИ като точно изписва казаното от вас.WhatsTheNumber ви спасява от всички проблеми при търсенето на телефонни номера онлайн.


Think about the last time you searched for phone numbers on the web. How many unrelated results did you read to simply book a table at a restaurant? How much precious time did you waste, when you urgently needed to find out if the flight is canceled?

It doesn’t need to be like that. WhatsTheNumber frees you from all these unnecessary break-offs, whenever you need to talk to anyone whose number is publicly available:

– Restaurants
– Hospitals
– Airlines
– Hotels
– Banks
– Movie Theaters
– Train Stations
– Government Agencies
– Customer Support for products or services
– … and many more

To reach them, all you have to do is the three steps below:

– Search. Enter keywords like “Apple Store SF”.
– Press “Dial”. Yes. One button only.
– Talk. It’s true. There’s nothing else you need to do!



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